Modified the Channel Sync process and the setup is much quicker and can sync larger EPG files
Several bug fixes and improvements

CosmiDVR is an IP-based tuner / plugin for Android TV's System TV app such as "Live Channels" to play IPTV Streams from playlists and also enables the DVR capabilities of "Live Channels", such as Rewind, Fast Forward Live TV and scheduled recordings.

• Home Screen Integration
• Pause, rewind, and fast forward Live IP streams
• IPTV DVR/PVR, Record your favorite shows
a) Schedule recordings from the EPG guide and record it even if you are not watching tv
b) Instant DVR record the channel you are watching.
c) Record Series (require Android 8+ devices)
d) Recording Time offsets, Start early, End late
e) Watch recorded show while it's recording
f) Record up to 10 IPTV streams simultaneously
• Full grid modern TV Guide
• Mark channels as favorites.
• Quick go back to last 10 channel
• Auto and manual EPG Refresh
• Import selected categories
• Support for multiple IPTV / M3U playlists and XMLTV guides (local or from internet)
• Playlist Groups on Home Screen
• Auto categorize channels by Genres
• Adjust genres per channel
• Change channel numbers

Note: DVR Recording functionality requires an external drive (SD Card or USB) that is 50GB or larger formatted as device storage.

For questions, concerns, bug reports, and feature requests, please contact us via email

- CosmiDVR does not contain any built-in channels and does not supply or include any media or IPTV content
- Users must provide their own IPTV / M3U content
- CosmiDVR has no affiliation with any third-party IPTV provider what so ever.
- We do not endorse the streaming of copyright-protected material without permission of the copyright holder.
- CosmiDVR premium features are free for a limited time to try its functionality.

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3.8.220612 APK
August 17, 2022
Android 7.0+
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