CVKey is currently live at numerous communities including universities, high schools, childcare, banks and offices.

CVKey Project is on a mission to help communities responsibly reopen society. We’re building a suite of privacy-first, open-source applications to deliver clear communication, informed health status, and responsible access to everyone.

With CVKey, anonymously check symptoms and receive clear guidance for you. Feel confident that the places you need to go are accessible to you and are following guidelines from public health officials. Your health data is only on your phone. It’s never shared, never uploaded to a cloud. Only you can see your health status, and only you can apply changes to your status. Stay in the know with the latest guidance on responsible behavior from your local health experts.

From version CVKey 1.2.3:

This release enables green status for community members.

Latest: 1.0.9 on September 24, 2020
Latest: 1.2.3 on May 13, 2021
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