There’s nothing better than finding a video that feels like it was made just for you. Our goal is to connect people to the videos that matter, to guide them to experiences we think they’ll love and let them indulge in their personal home of entertainment. With dailymotion:
•Dive into an endless, immersive, and personal viewing experience.
•Find new videos to love and channels to follow with curated recommendations tailored to your tastes.
•Cast videos on a big screen.
•Download videos and continue watching even when your internet connection is misbehaving.
•Create playlists to watch videos your way.
•Build your library to keep track of videos you love.
•Watch live videos from any device.
From version Dailymotion: Explore and watch videos (Android TV) 1.29.53:
• Improved Google Assistant integration will now allow you to search the dailymotion video catalogue and browse the latest videos directly from the launcher. You can also ask the Assistant to pause and resume a video.
• So you don't miss out on those noteworthy videos, you can now enjoy Daily Pulse on your TV - a fresh selection of video picks of the day from our content managers
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