Debug your apps. Find error stacktraces. See what your phone is saying about you behind your back. It's all there in the system log, aka logcat!

* Color-coded tag names
* Easy-to-read column display
* Real-time search
* Recording mode (with widget)
* Save & open from SD card
* Send logs as email or attachment
* Auto-scrolls when at the bottom of the screen
* Search autosuggestions & saved filters
* Select and save parts of logs
* Open-source and ad-free
* Material goodness

^ Above shamelessly/fully copied from Nolan Lawson's CatLog's description.

Original CatLog app:
Google+ Community:
From version MatLog: Material Logcat Reader 1.1.1:
• Add scrubber for sensitive data (@DVDAndroid)
• Add record shortcut for Android 7.1+ (@DVDAndroid)
• Add round icon for Android 7.1+ (@DVDAndroid)
• Add adaptive icon for Android 8+
• Internal updates (@DVDAndroid, @schaal, @Unpublished, @veyndan, @boswelja)
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