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From version Lawnchair 2 2.0-972-ci-alpha:
Changelog for build alpha-972:
- Add a special greeting for a friend I hold oh so dear (by Till Kottmann)
- Add ripple to tab list item (by paphonb)
- Replace appcompat bottom sheet with a custom implementation (by paphonb)
- Allow closing bottom sheets while opening (by paphonb)

Also includes Changelog for build alpha-968:
- Slight adjustments to the tab editor (by Till Kottmann)
- Support icon masking and adaptive generation for shortcuts (by Till Kottmann)
- Fix broken scrollbar accent when not using tabs (by paphonb)
- Reload tabs changes without restarting (by paphonb)
- Fix race condition in apps selector (by paphonb)
- Add more space between delete tab and edit tab button (by paphonb)
- Add custom tab color (by paphonb)
- Move add tab button to a FAB (by paphonb)
- Add editing tabs directly from drawer (by paphonb)
- New drawer tabs editor (by paphonb)
- Fix settings bottom sheet (by paphonb)
Latest: 2.0-601-ci-alpha on October 18, 2018
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