Changelog for build alpha-2229:
- Prevent crash when quickly fetching notifications (by paphonb)
- Fix notification crash on Lollipop (by paphonb)

Changelog for build alpha-2227:
- Request notification access when enabling now playing/unread events (by paphonb)
- Fix crash when notification has no small icon (by paphonb)
- Only show unread from communication apps (by paphonb)
- Reduce large clock size if subtitle is shown (by paphonb)
- Fix smartspace subtitle without icon not centered (by paphonb)
- Fix crash when media notification has no metadata (by paphonb)

Changelog for build alpha-2224:
- Try to fix OOS quickstep crash (by paphonb)
- Build SystemUIShared inline (by paphonb)
- Fix manifest duplicate entry (by paphonb)

Changelog for build alpha-2222:
- Fix smartspace event providers selection ui (by paphonb)
- Fix smartspace subtitle layout (by paphonb)
- Fix app name for system notifications (by paphonb)
- Fix notification badges not updating in drawer folders (by paphonb)
- Optimize drawer adapter creation (by paphonb)
- Add unread notification smartspace provider (by paphonb)
- Add battery status smartspace provider (by paphonb)
- Add now playing smartspace provider (by paphonb)
- Launcher3: Extend notification listener with proxy (by Amir Zaidi)
- Prepare support for multiple smartspace event providers (by paphonb)
- Fix shelf blur alpha calculation (by paphonb)
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July 1, 2019
Android 5.0+
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