This is an *add-on* to the Textra SMS application that utilizes the latest Android Pie styled emojis.

Provides 2900+ of the latest (Unicode 11) emojis including diversity (skin tone) on any Android phone.

You access the Android Pie emoji using the + icon to the left of the message field in the conversation. Long hold on a 'human skin emoji' (for example a hand gesture) to see diversity (skin tone color) options.

IMPORTANT: These Android Pie emoji are ONLY available in Textra and not system wide (e.g. your keyboard app).

Licensed under Apache 2.0 @
From version Textra Emoji - Android Pie Style 3.0:
✔ Added support for 2900+ (all) of the very latest (Unicode 11) Android Pie style emojis.

Important: You won't see the latest emoji until you have upgraded to Textra v4.2
All versions