Turn your smartphone into your ticket and travel at the lowest price and without ticket controls. The DB Navigator is your perfect companion for regional and long-distance travel as well as for the underground, tram and bus. From real-time information, to the current coach sequence and notifications of changes to your journey - the DB Navigator has the right service for you in every situation.

Download the DB Navigator app for free here in the Google Play Store and start your digital travel companion!

Digital ticket
Paperless travel: Tickets for regional and long-distance transport as well as for the S-Bahn, underground, tram and bus are available in the DB Navigator.

Best Price Finder
Travel at the lowest price: Activate "Show our best prices" in the travel information and find the lowest price for long-distance, regional and international travel.

Travel notifications
Keep informed at all times: You will be notified of delays, track changes and timetable changes by push notification or e-mail. If you wish, we can also remind you to get on, change or get off the train.

Quick booking
Book your ticket in just a few steps: Simply swipe to the left over the desired connection in the connection section.

Real-time information
Everything at a glance: Find all real-time information about departure and arrival times as well as alternative connections at a glance in “My trip”.

Coach sequence
Relaxed boarding: To ensure that you are at the right platform section and can directly find the right coach with your reserved seat, you can view the current coach sequence in the app.

Komfort Check-in
No ticket control: For long-distance travel, you can use the digital ticket to check in and validate your ticket yourself at the seat immediately after boarding.

Demand indicator
Travel with plenty of space: With the current demand indicator, you know in advance whether you should reserve a seat or switch to another connection.

Find more information at www.bahn.de/en/view/booking-information/booking/db-navigator-app.shtml?dbkanal_007=L04_S02_D002_KIN0059_FLYOUT-BUCHUNGSINFORMATION-APP%20_LZ01

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From version DB Navigator 22.04.p02.05:

We are regularly optimising the app to improve your travel experience.

What´s new?
- New offers for seniors
- New design elements
- Display of available bicycle spaces
- Now tickets available for the transport association VRB

This is how you travel today.

The DB Navigator Team

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