It does not matter if you use the train, the underground or the bus. If you use the 'NRW Navigator' you can now buy a ticket on your mobile, including all forms of transport within all transport associations in NRW. You buy your ticket and off you go - flexible and uncomplicated! Additional you get actual informations, when there are disruptions on the track.

How does it function?
Buy your ticket directly by app
You can buy a ticket directly in the App. You pay by credit card (visa, master card, Amex) or by bank transfer.
Intergrated information for area North Rhine-Westphalia
The timetable information gives you information about connections and addresses in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is just as convenient as the German Railway (DB) navigator. You can store the information under 'favourites'.
Check the next Trains at your Station
You can see an overview of all trains at your station and check for delays
If you regularly travel by train, you no doubt like to have the latest information about an upcoming journey. The alarm function sends you push notifications with the details of delays, cancellations and service disruptions. Our system can send you information about disruptions for a specific service or for a number of trains using the same route. To ensure that you can plan your journey properly, you will receive messages until the disruption is resolved. You can click the pause button to stop the alarm function.
When you have reached your destination you can find stations for 'car sharing' or the position of 'call a bikes' under “Nearby”
Network Maps
Here you can get an overview about the Network-System in North Rhine-Westphalia.
Construction Works
Here you can get information, when there are disruptions on the track.
From version NRW Navigator 2.9.5 (104):
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