The WarnWetter App offers the following functions (in the free version):

• Overview of the current weather warning situation for Germany down to municipal level.
• Detailed information on the weather warning situation for selected locations through official warnings, including a warning trend.
• Configurable warning elements and warning levels
• Configurable alarm function (push) for on-site warnings.
• Switchable on-site warnings of severe weather events (thunderstorms, snow, icy conditions) when localized via mobile device.
• Switchable alarm function when the warning situation changes on site.
• Social media sharing function for sharing information from the WarnWetterApp e.g. via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.
• Warnings from our partners of floods, storm surges and avalanches.
• Predicted trajectories of thunderstorm cells.
• Coast warnings and lake warnings for Bavarian lakes.
• Video information in case of severe weather situations.
• Features like configurable widget, selection of tones, different wind speed units, etc.
• Customizable start page for your favorite products (from version 3.0).

For a one-time fee (in-app purchase) the WarnWetter App can be expanded to a full version including the following functions:
• Display of current weather values and forecasts up to 7 days in advance.
- Precipitation differentiated into rain, snow, sleet and hail (radar, model forecasts).
- Clouds (satellite data, model forecasts).
- Lightning (lightning location, forecasts).
- Wind (model forecasts).
- Temperatures (model forecasts).
- Location-based weather values (weather stations and model forecast points).

• In the map section (from version 2.0 in the chargeable full version):
- The different data can be easily selected from the past to the future via a time control.
- The data can be easily sorted according to weather elements (precipitation, clouds, temperature, wind) and can be combined as required.
- Additional current weather values and forecasts from individual locations (weather conditions, temperature, wind, precipitation) can also be activated.

• Text reports for the federal states, the German coast and sea areas, as well as an Alpine weather report (only available in German)
• Forest fire hazards and Grasland Fire Index.
• Information on thermal sensation and increased UV intensity.
• Model forecasts for warning-relevant events such as storm, persisting or heavy precipitation.
• User reports: Display of various weather events (thunderstorms, wind, tornado, etc.) plus the option of adding a user report with photo function.
Note: The in-app purchase can be used on multiple devices when using the same account.

You can find the WarnWetter app accessibility statement at

From version WarnWetter 3.7.2:

• New warning areas for the cities of Berlin, Bremen, Lübeck, Düsseldorf, Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, Potsdam, Stuttgart, Freiburg
• Territorial adjustments to the 2020 territorial reforms
• Weather forecast for Lake Constance
• Bug fixes

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December 19, 2020


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