Poke Live is an auxiliary app for locating Pokemon.

The directions are simple. Please register the Pokemon you have just acquired in our Poke Live.

You can view the Pokemon registered by other users by searching the name and the time it was located.

1) Please accept the use of the GPS.
Based on the user's current base location allows access for the location of the Pokemon. Declining may limit the access of information.
2) Please check the Pokemon name labels on the screen.
Our location predictor is denoted in blue. The name is POKELIVE! White denotes that another user has registered pokemon information.
3) Is there, by any chance, no Pokemon displayed in your area right now?
Register a Pokemon right now and ask for help from another trainer!
Try building your reputation right now.

1) Optimized mobile map data
2) Able to search pokemon that you want

* Real-time information shared by the user.
This is displayed in combination with prediction related information.
There can be marginal differences in the timestamp information displayed.
* Please share your ideas to cs@devmasters.xyz and we will do our best to reflect it in our updates.

"Pokemon Go", Pokemon, Nintendo, Niantic, and character names or imagery are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of such marks does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the mark holders.

From version Live Map - for Pokemon GO 1.1.1:

v 1.1.1
Possible to remove pins that have been registered.
Modify permission.
German, French modification.
Minor bug fixes.
v 1.0.9
Remove time filter. (Pokemon that have expired are not displayed)
Optimization processes. (reduce use of phone resources)
Distinguish Pokemon that user has registered. (possible to distinguish prediction data and user registration data using labels)

All versions
Live Map - for Pokemon GO 1.1.1


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