Welcome to the Droid Depot Astromech App! If you are having difficulties connecting to your droid, make sure to switch off your physical controller during the pairing process. If issues persist, ensure your droid has new batteries installed. On Android 12, access to the device’s precise location must be allowed. Additional support can be reached at: support.starwars.com/hc/en-us/sections/360008675571-STAR-WARS-Droid-Depot

Bring the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge experience home with the Droid Depot companion app. Build a Digital Droid or play games with your Droid Depot Custom Astromech Droids.
Games include:
•Maneuvering - choreograph a dance sequence to the tunes of DJ R3X
•Piloting - drive your Droid around freely
•Strategy - play a game of Tic Tac Toe against your Droid
•Build - Build a virtual droid using schematics from Mubo’s Droid Depot*



This app uses Bluetooth to connect to your physical Droid.
* Free to play - does not require a physical Droid

From version Droid Depot 1.0.1:
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Droid Depot 1.0.1
November 6, 2021


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Droid Depot 1.0.0
May 5, 2020


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