DJI Ronin App

Main Features:

Real-time Parameter Adjustments
Support for Bluetooth 4.0
Support for DJI Ronin2

DJI Ronin2 Features:

Gimbal Settings: Motor, SmoothTrack,Remote Control
Gimbal Status Monitoring
Gimbal Advanced Control
From version DJI Ronin 1.2.4:
Ronin S:

New ActiveTrack 3.0 for intelligent tracking with improved algorithms and deep learning as well as allowing for reframing with the onboard joystick.

Ronin S and Ronin-SC:
1.New Force Mobile function for controlling gimbal movement via the movement of a paired smartphone.
2.Changes zoom speed settings from levels to a numerical range for more precise configurations for Sony cameras.
3.Supports overlapping rate configuration for Panorama shots.
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September 11, 2019
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October 1, 2017