Mixfader Companion is the app that goes with Mixfader - the world’s first wireless crossfader.
Get the updates and activate and set the MIDI protocol through the app/
Mixfader Companion is THE app that you need to configure the MIDI protocol and customize your Mixfader.

- update your Mixfader : the app is the only way to access the updates
- register to the newsletter to get exclusive news and special offers
- retrieve all the compatible apps and softwares: all the edjing Suite, garageband...

(Android Marshmallow 6.0 onwards)
- choose your control change number
- possibility to switch to Hamster (reverse) scratch mode
- possibility to test if your device supports MIDI

- choose a name and a color associated to your Mixfader

In order for Mixfader Companion to be able to detect and connect to your Mixfader, the app needs permission to activate your Bluetooth, and access your location. This is required by the Android Bluetooth System.
Be sure that we do not actually use your location, we just need it activated to locate Mixfader around you.

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- YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLvnag-xcKaKioO1uWQefrg

Have any suggestion or request? Contact or Mixfader Team at [email protected]
From version Mixfader Companion 1.1.1:
Thanks for using Mixfader Companion! This version includes minor bug fixes and improvements, following your feedback. If you enjoy the app, please take a moment to rate it on the store, it is really helpful for us :) Thanks in advance!
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February 20, 2017