Super 16 is a professional video camera application that allows you to create footage with real-time processing as vintage 16mm and 8mm film cameras do. This application provides extensive functionality for manual control, which can be useful for videographers and filmmakers. With Super 16, you can equally well shoot both atmospheric home footage (in 16mm or 8mm film style), reflecting your best moments, and professional cinematic scenes, or just take photos with a touch of old.

Powerful color adjustment

The application provides a set of >70 filters containing profiles of popular vintage Kodak Vision3 films, black-and-white filters and filters for cinema post-processing. You also have the option of manually preprocess color by changing the temperature, tint, saturation and color correction curve. You can track all changes in the distribution of colors in a frame using a color histogram or waveform monitor.

Physical film emulation

The application allows you to emulate such aspects of analog film shooting as stains and scratches, frame shake (gate weave), flicker, grain, uneven emulsion coating etc. Using pause/continue while recording leaves realistic distortion on frames. You can even choose overscanned film mode to see edges and film strip with holes, and apply film burn at any time you want.

Professional shooting options

Super 16 allows you to change the focus and exposure settings, adjust the zoom for better shooting of various scenes. Camera shoots at authentic 24fps that creates movie effect (if your device supports it). All parameters (including processing features) can be changed during the recording.

Convenience of use

You can create your own presets based on the available processing options. This allows you to immediately use the camera in the configuration you need, without having to re-configure. It is also possible to process existing video files with built-in video editor.

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From version Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera 2.1.16:

Super 16 - Professional 16mm, 8mm film camera for filmmakers and more
*presets community is now available* - users collection of presets from all over the world
+now you can export/import presets as .sp16 files
+new realistic film grain
+new light leaks in adjustments menu
+new frames: 2.39:1(Scope), Kiev 16U camera

All versions
Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera 2.1.16


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Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera 2.1.14


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Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera 2.1.11


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Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera 2.1.9


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Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera 2.1.8


Uploaded:March 3, 2022 at 3:34PM UTC

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Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera 2.1.7


Uploaded:March 1, 2022 at 3:54PM UTC

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Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera 2.1.4


Uploaded:February 3, 2022 at 4:21PM UTC

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Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera 1.5.1


Uploaded:June 26, 2021 at 12:00AM UTC

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