Personalize your experience with even more control over key features, manage paired devices, get support, and more.

Manage Dolby LifeMix™/ANC — Control how much you hear of your surroundings, from shutting the world out with active noise cancellation to hearing a perfect blend of your entertainment and life around you.

Control Cinematic Sound
• Turn Virtualization on/off — Get powerful, immersive sound all around you for your favorite entertainment.
• Turn Head Tracking on/off — Head Tracking orients your content’s sound with your head’s position in real-time to give you a more realistic, immersive experience.

Manage Devices — Reorder, assign, or delete your Bluetooth® source devices.

Get Support
• Search Help database and watch tutorials
• Get in touch with Dolby Dimension support

Take your Dolby Dimension experience to the next level with the powerful, intuitive, and beautiful Dolby Dimension app.

From version Dolby Dimension™ 1.01.1_USER:

Minor bug fixes.

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Dolby Dimension™ 1.01.1_USER


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Dolby Dimension™ 1.0.1_USER


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