WireGoggles displays a real-time wireframe outline of what your camera is pointing at. Choose from 20 color schemes or create your own, and save and share pictures. You can record and play back videos with audio, and export them as WebM files. You can also apply the effects to your existing pictures.

WireGoggles is now open source! See github.com/dozingcat/WireGoggles

Please email if you encounter any problems.

From version WireGoggles 2.4.5:

- Fixed bugs with sharing and permissions on Android M and later.
- Improved performance when converting existing pictures.
- Option to automatically convert pictures you take with the normal camera.
- Move controls to the right side by default.
- Revised UI with Material icons and theme
- Updated to latest WebM encoder
- Added option to export video as a zip file with each frame as a PNG image

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WireGoggles 2.4.5
March 25, 2018


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