HomeUX Launcher aims to revolutionise the way users interact with their smartphone home-screens.

HomeUX Launcher provides a simplistic yet highly functional launcher user interface with full integration of Google's Material Design.

Here is why you will love HomeUX:
• Folder Integration - Organisation like nothing you have ever seen before

• Organised Widgets - Not only apps, but also widgets and short-cuts can also be organized in designated folders

• Ultra Clean Interface - From apps that always stay where you need them to be and until the Clock widget and easy settings, every element is as elegant as possible

• Panel Design - Your home-screen will always have a fresh look as you navigate your folders with the pictures you set or the Material Design colours palette

• Intuitive Control - Natural swipe gestures and attractive Material Design transitions are the core of HomeUX Launcher

• Advanced Functionality - Practical simplicity would be the best way to describe HomeUX Launcher as tap-and-hold short-cuts, quick access buttons, hidden apps, and extensive options are all inclusive and expanding as more development is being held.

Why not go premium?
With premium, you will be able to unlock extra functionality such as:
-Notification badges on apps
-Different exciting page transitions
-Clock font customization
-Resizing application icons
Donating also helps support our team and shows us that you like HomeUX Launcher.


From version HomeUX Launcher (Beta)

Few Minor Bug Fixes.

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HomeUX Launcher (Beta)
September 8, 2016


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