Mirrordrin is an app able to sync notifications between your devices.

This app is currently in beta stage. Bugs are expected.

Also available: Chrome extension chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/enkpeelnlglpanalilnbljhdgiilfkjo

Few tips:

- Clicking on a notification from Mirrordrin dismisses it from all your devices
- If uninstalling, use the sign out button to avoid getting duplicates in your accounts
- You may need the "Android Wear" app installed in order to enable remote replying in some apps
- Specific support is currently in for WhatsApp, Gmail, Hangouts and Telegram. Generic support needs support by the app producing the notification. Apps supporting Android N's quick reply should work out of the box.
From version Mirrordrin (Beta) 0.0.4:
Much more polished interface
Bug fixes
Chrome extension support
All versions
June 16, 2016