Experience the top tier mobile motorcycle racing!

**10 Million Downloads Globally!**
We'd like to express our appreciation to everyone. :-)

**No Wi-Fi Required!**
(Please note that without Wi-Fi you can’t receive rewards from advertisements as well global rankings.)

Surpass maximum speed around the circuit.
Let the speed awaken your instincts and experience the real motorbike racing!
Ride the best Super Motorbikes and experience the racing adrenaline.

Campaign mode’s difficulty varies depending on the tracks.
Break the world records with your skills!
Become the World Champion with your best record!

Easy controls creates an energetic racing experience.
Just give it a go!

■ Features
- Various view points and controls.
- Realistic speed and motor sound
- Over 150 challenges
- 11 types of unique motor bikes
- Customize each bike with cool colors
- Customize the racer (rider) with a variety of suits and helmets
- Real-time world record competition through the Google Leaderboard.

* You can get oil, coins, or other rewards every time you clear an event mission.
* Practice often and collect upgrade pieces.
* Upgrade your bike to increase its speed, acceleration, cornering, and brake performance.
* Login with Google Play ID and race against your friends.
* This game supports 13 languages.

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★ Caution
- Enabling Google Cloud Save will allow the program to overwrite the data in the device, and may delete the existing data (play and/or purchase information).
We recommend that this function is used only to transfer saved data when you change your device.
- Data (play and/or purchase information) deleted by the Google Cloud Save function is irrevocable.
- Google Cloud Save function can be used only when you are logged in with Google ID.
- Tap on the ""Save Data"" button frequently to synchronize the data saved in the Cloud to prevent data loss.
- Use the ""Load Data"" function only when you have changed to a new device or when all the data is lost.
- We will not be responsible for any rolled-back data (play and/or purchase information) caused by the "Load Data" function.

- GET_ACCOUNTS (Access to Contacts): Permission to access auto login information for logging into Google Play Game Service.
- READ_PHONE_STATE (Make & Manage Phone Calls): Permission to access device information.
- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (Access to Device Gallery, Media, and Files): Permission to read data if the application is installed in external storage device.
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (Access to Device Gallery, Media, and Files): Permission to install the application in external storage device.
- Information such as actual photos, files, and contacts in the device are not collected.

- Real Moto's supported service devices are at least over 1GB RAM & 1.2GHz Dual Core CPU.

From version Real Moto 1.1.108:

Improve system environments stability.
Minor bug fix.

All versions
Real Moto 1.1.108
May 3, 2022


Uploaded:May 3, 2022 at 12:06PM UTC

File size:43.04 MB


Real Moto 1.1.103
January 27, 2022


Uploaded:January 27, 2022 at 5:32AM UTC

File size:43.69 MB


Real Moto 1.1.90
December 28, 2021


Uploaded:December 28, 2021 at 3:35AM UTC

File size:44.15 MB


Real Moto 1.1.88
November 5, 2021


Uploaded:November 5, 2021 at 2:15PM UTC

File size:43.96 MB


Real Moto 1.1.79
August 30, 2021


Uploaded:August 30, 2021 at 1:47PM UTC

File size:43.63 MB


Real Moto 1.1.77
May 21, 2021


Uploaded:May 21, 2021 at 9:24AM UTC

File size:42.92 MB


Real Moto 1.1.70
February 23, 2021


Uploaded:February 23, 2021 at 2:49PM UTC

File size:42.07 MB


Real Moto 1.1.54
July 2, 2020


Uploaded:July 2, 2020 at 8:30AM UTC

File size:35.04 MB