What's new in Text Font Generator

From version Text Font Generator 2.7.0:

+New Symbols
+AES encryption method security upgrade
+Increase the size of fields in Archive

About Text Font Generator

- Cool Fonts.
- Rare Symbols for nicknames and games.
- Stylish text for bio, photo caption and stories.
- Decorations.
- Encode messages with ciphers and encryption.
- Text Direction: Change the text direction to up or down or left or right, or add spaces between letters.
- Text Organizer: Good for anyone who makes text for blogs and need to paste text multiple times. Text Fields 1-4 can be used to paste something to send to the Left or Right of the Main Text Field while you are typing in it.
- Random Generator.

About Encode:
- Is perfect for you cypher your texts and protect it!
- Encrypt your messages before you save in your notes, so you are sure that no one can read.
- Keep a secret key with a friend to decode your encoded texts. So whenever send a message that you want to make sure that only the right person will read, encode text before and send.

Encryption methods that are included:
- AES encryption (used by services such as Internet banking and wireless communication systems).
- Caesar cipher.
- Rail fence cipher.
- Vigenère cipher.

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