If any random person could get into your house because they knew your address, you’d be furious. And yet this is exactly how email services have treated your inbox. Your email is your digital home. Strangers shouldn’t be able to just reside there. Deleting messages shouldn’t be what you spend most of your time doing.

Introducing OnMail.

For the first time, you are empowered to receive email messages from whom you want. With OnMail, an ulta-fast, hyper-efficient, and dead simple email service built for today’s world.

You choose who enters your inbox, having full control no matter who has your address. The power of choice is true freedom. Declare independence from unwanted mail. ​From the pioneers of one-tap unsubscribe.

Experience built-in anti-tracking technology that automatically protects your messages from snoops and spy pixels. Never has it been so easy to switch email services, OnMail even offers the ability to seamlessly bring your existing email accounts (gmail, yahoo and more) with you and modernize them.

Built on the core tenets of control, privacy, and simplicity, OnMail empowers you to accomplish more with email. OnMail is the smartest and only email service providing a seamless transition to a modern inbox. Cut the time you spend on email in half with the email service made with care by actual email experts. Finally, be done with email.

Privacy By Design is Our Promise to Our Users
Personal information like your name or email address is NEVER shared. If you’d prefer to opt-out of participating in our anonymized Edison Trends research, you can do so in the settings menu.

From version OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.22:

General bug fixes and performance improvements.

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OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.22


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OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.16


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OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.14


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OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.12


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OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.10


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OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.8


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OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.6


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OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.4


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OnMail - Modern & Private Email 1.5.2


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