What's new in Dalvik Explorer

3.9: Don't start a service for the widget.
3.8: Theme refresh. isLowRamDevice.
3.7: Fast scrolling and filtering by subtitle. Bug fix for CPU speeds >= 2GHz. Fixed first day of week and currency symbol display. Sensors.
3.6: Make widget text fit better. Added version number to title.
3.5: Added build widget. Started using HTML formatting. Show timeFormat12 and timeFormat24 in LocaleData.
3.4: Ignore system bar in screen sizes.

From version Dalvik Explorer 3.9:

About Dalvik Explorer

Are you a developer wanting to know what Java system properties, environment variables, java.nio.charset.Charsets, java.util.Locales, or java.util.TimeZones are available to your app on a specific device? Run this app on the device in question to find out.

(Also useful for debugging problems users in other territories are experiencing.)

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January 1, 2014


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