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KEKS Pay is a fun application which can be used by anyone in a group of friends. It can be used for fast and secure sending and requesting money - without any fees! You owe someone for lunch? Someone owes you for movie tickets? Download KEKS Pay for free and simplify your life. If you want your money to be instantly available get your free prepaid KEKSICA Visa card which you can use online, in stores and on ATMs.
Other features include Parking payment using GPS, mobile phone topup, highway toll topup (ENC), donations, payment on webshops and in stores via QR codes.

From version KEKS Pay 3.2.2:

Svašta smo uspjeli fiksati, da se možeš mirno KEKSati.
Uz brojna poboljšanja kroz cijeli KEKS Pay, sada možeš i preimenovati ili obrisati Erste račun iz aplikacije (potraži u "Računi i kartice" -> Odaberi račun -> "Dodatne postavke")

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Latest: 3.2.2 on August 14, 2021
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Latest: 3.2.2 on August 14, 2021
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