Now has Gen 2 Pokemon for IV Calculations and Best Moves! (Evolution calculator for Gen 2 will be coming shortly)

Can't tell which of your thousands of Pidgeys to keep? PokeGo Master provides an easy solution to determine which of your Pokemon you should keep, all without leaving the Pokémon Go app!

PokeGo Master will give you the following values for your Pokémon:

-- IV (Individual Value) using our Arc Overlay or Stardust IV calculator.
-- Estimated CP of the Pokemon after you evolve it.
-- Min and Max CP of that Pokemon for the level entered.
-- Estimate Max possible CP for that Pokemon.
-- Best Offensive and Defensive move sets.
-- Use Appraisal feature to get even more accurate score.

Pokédex is also available in both German and French.

There is nothing linking your Pokemon Go account with PokeGo Master so you can not be banned for using this app. You will be banned if you use other apps that use your Pokemon Go account so be cautious when logging in to those apps.

Pokémon and all respective names are trademark & © of Nintendo 1996-2016

From version IV Calculator - PokeGo Master 4.1:

Added Gen 2 move list

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IV Calculator - PokeGo Master 4.1


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