Pluvius is an all-in-one theming framework that works on top of Android Overlay Manager System.

Pluvius detects when you change wallpaper, then it fetches the palette and recolors the system following that palette. All of this is happening in instant and seamlessly.

In addition to basic functionality, Pluvius is also heavily customizable. You can setup dynamic palette combos or even provide static color values for different UI elements.

**Root is currently required.**
**Might not work on ROMs that heavily different from AOSP.**
**Confirmed not supported ROMs: OnePlus OxygenOS, Smasung TouchWizz, Xiaomi MIUI.***

From version Pluvius twelve:

- moved fully to jdk8 both for bytecode and for kotlin-stdlib
- moved to r8/d8
- new proguard/r8 rules to aggressively shrink third party resources
- 47% apk size reduction
- updated third party libs

All versions
September 23, 2018
July 12, 2018