The B4UFLY app provides model aircraft users with situational awareness and considers the user’s current or planned location in relation to operational restrictions to derive a specific status indicator. The color and shape coded status indicators inform the user if model aircraft operation is prohibited, requires the user to take certain actions, or if there are no FAA operating restrictions other than flying safely. All model aircraft operations must always yield the right-of-way to manned aircraft.

Key features include:
- Heads-Up Status View for quick “at-a-glance” review of current status
- Map Interface to plot nearby flight restrictions
- Planner Mode - an advanced user feature to “plan” for different flight locations and times
- More Info - helpful links for using the B4UFLY app and additional FAA resources
From version B4UFLY 4.0.2:
This release provides a notification about the NEW B4UFLY application coming to stores soon and about new the drone laws in order to maintain NAS safety in proximity to airports, authorization is now required from recreational Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) pilots to operate in controlled airspace in accordance with § 44809. Exception for limited recreational operations of unmanned aircraft.
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