Foodvisor is a nutrition coach that will help you eat healthier and reach your goal. Just snap a picture of your meal and you will receive its nutrition facts! Regain control over your diet and learn to make better food choices.

Whether you’re looking to get healthier, lose weight, tone your body, or take on a new diet; Foodvisor will help you develop healthier habits allowing you to achieve your goal!


• Take a photo of your meal and receive its nutrition facts (i.e. calories, proteins, carbs, fats, fibers, cholesterol, etc).
• Scan barcodes to track and log your food easily.
• Create custom meals and save your favorite meals.


• Set a goal: You can choose to lose weight, gain weight, maintain your weight, establish a healthy balance to your life and much more!
• Log your activities and see how many calories you've burned
• Track your weight, monitor your progress and receive guidance to achieve your health goals.

Download Foodvisor and start living a healthier and happier life today!

You need to have version 6 of Android to download Foodvisor.
From version Foodvisor: Calorie Counter, Food Diary & Diet Plan 3.4:
Introducing our new app version, with super exciting new features such as:
- A new design of the search food page, with food categories
- A new feature to enter your own custom food
- The possibility to add new barcodes and to edit the barcodes you scan 🖋
- New recipes (with our partner Quitoque) 🍳
The possibility to edit your macronutritinients repartition if you're Premium 🎉
Any questions? Any problems? Or ideas for new features? Send us an email to [email protected]
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