Enjoy your favorite Nova programs anywhere and in anyplace!

** CAUTION: After 25/4/2017 only versions v3.2.0 and above will be supported **

UPDATE your app to continue enjoying completely free of charge on your favorite device, wherever you are:
- Live, a selection of Nova's best channels
- Catch-Up, selected programs of the last 7 days
- On Demand, thousands of movies, series, sports highlights ,kids, documentaries, etc
- NEW! Offline, even without Internet connection, movies, series, kids programs etc

Nova GO: anywhere, anytime in your laptop, tablet or smartphone!
1. Rich Content:
- Live TV, with 23 live channels, you see what you want, wherever you are!
- On Demand content, with numerous movies, series, kids programs, documentaries etc at no extra charge
- 7 days Catch Up TV,on selected channels**
- Start Over, that allows watching a live program from the beginning of its broadcast!
- Offline viewing, to watch programs without Internet connectivity

2. Recommendations:
Explore the assets recommended by Nova for quicker content discovery!

3. My Nova GO:
Explore your viewing history and the watched time of each asset or continue watching an asset with the aid of bookmarks. See all reminders set in live channels and manage your favorite programs or your downloaded assets.

4. Multiple profiles:
Customize your experience by creating profiles for each Nova GO user. Name each profile, upload a photo, set reminders’ duration or parental control.

** Availability depending on content rights

- Install v3.2.0 or latest
- Content availability as per content of your Nova Pay TV service
- For use only in laptops, smartphones and tablets, which are not rooted (for Android devices) and Jailbroken (for IOS devices)
- Compatible with Android 4.2 or latest
- Available via Internet connection (Wi-fi or Ethernet). Nova GO player not available over 3G or 4G network
- Device replacement is allowed once per month
- Subject to Terms of Use. Find out more on nova.gr/novago

From version Nova GO 3.6.5:

Transition to EON

All versions
Nova GO 3.6.5
November 26, 2021


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Nova GO 3.6.0
December 20, 2019


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