Fox's Magisk Module Manager

The official Magisk is dropping support to download online modules...
So I made my own app to do that! :3

This app is not officially supported by Magisk or its developers

The Modules shown in this app are not affiliated with this app
(Please contact repo owners instead)



  • Android 5.0+
  • Magisk 19.0+
  • An internet connection


  • Android 6.0+
  • Magisk 21.2+
  • An internet connection

Note: This app may require the use of a VPN in countries with a state wide firewall.

For users

To install the app go to releases, and download and install the latest .apk on to your device.

The app currently use these three repo as it's module sources, with it's benefits and drawback:
(Note: Each module repo can be disabled in the settings of the app)
(Note²: I do not own or monitor any of the repo, download at your own risk)

  • Accepting new modules here
  • Less restrictive than the original repo
  • Officially supported by Fox's mmm

  • Accepting new modules here
  • Modules downloadable easily outside the app
  • Officially supported by Fox's mmm
  • Contains ads

  • No longer accept new modules or receive update to existing modules
  • May be shut down at any moment
  • Official app dropped support for it
  • No longer supported by Fox's mmm

As the main repo may shutting down due to the main app no longer supporting it, stopped accepting new modules, and also no longer receive updates since the 21 December 2021.

If a module is in multiple repos, the manager will just pick the most up to date version of the module, allowing developers to switch repo at their own pace if they want to.

Note: If you or a friend uploaded a module and it doesn't appear in your module list you can disable the low quality filter in the app settings.
Go to the developer documentation for more info.


Main activity:

For developers

The manager can read new meta keys to allow modules to customize their own entry

It also use minApimaxApi and minMagisk in the module.prop to detect compatibility
And support the support and donate properties to allow them to add their own support links
And if you want to be event fancier you can setup config to your own config app.
(Note: the manager use fallback values for some modules, see developer documentation for more info)

It also add new ways to control the installer ui via a new #! command system
It allow module developers to have a more customizable install experience

For more information please check the developer documentation

For translators

See app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml and app/src/main/res/values/arrays.xml

If your language is right to left you should make a copy of app/src/main/res/values/bools.xml and set lang_support_rtl to true.

Translators are not expected to have any previous coding experience.

I want to add my own repo

To add you own repo to Fox's mmm it need to follow theses conditions:

  • The module repo or at least one of it's owners must be known.
  • Modules in the repo must be monitored, and malicious modules must be removed.
  • Module repo must have a valid, working, automatically or frequently updated modules.json (Example)

In addition of these initial condition the repo must follow these rules:

  • Repos must process and take-down off their repo module where it's removal was requested by their original author, even if their licences legally allow their distributions.
  • Repos may collect and store "mixed anonymous data" without user permission (Anonymous means no personal data, usernames, email, or IP addresses) (Mixed means users data must be split and not that separate data is not linkable together)
  • Temporary storage of IPs address without user consent is allowed for rate limiting, GeoIP, security reason, and must not be used for any other purpose without user consent. (GeoIP is the process of getting the country of an IP address)
  • Repos may not collect and/or distribute any personal data without user explicit consent
  • Modules owners must be aware that their modules are being hosted on the repository
    (This rule doesn't apply for modules from Magisk-Modules-Repo last updated before 2022)
  • Modules owners must be aware of any change made of the distributed version of their modules.

If all of these conditions are met you can open an issue for review.
(And don't forget to include a link to the modules.json)

If an existing repo is not respecting theses rules please open an issue.
If a repo is repeatedly violating these rule will be removed from the app.
Last update of theses rules are: 6 February 2022

Please note that these rules does not apply retroactively. If your post an issue about rules violation they must violate both the version of the rules at the moment of the incident and the latest version of the rules.
(This paragraph doesn't apply for legal requests or illegal behaviour)

From version Fox's Magisk Module Manager 1.1.0:

Install magisk modules faster than ever

We’re excited to announce that in this update, we’ve made it even easier to install Magisk modules than ever before. Our previous setup wizard has been completely reworked to be a full screen experience, and we’ve added the ability to choose your theme during setup. This means that you can customize the look of your app right from the start, making the installation process even more seamless.

But that’s not all. We’ve also added the highly requested feature of being able to open zip files directly from other apps, allowing you to install magisk modules from any of your favorite file managers. This feature alone makes FoxMMM the greatest module manager in existence, making it easier than ever to manage and install Magisk modules! (Editor’s note: this may or may not actually be true)

In this release, we’ve also made some updates to the languages supported by FoxMMM. While we’ve dropped support for Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, and Vietnamese due to the incompleteness of those translations, we’ve added Spanish and Ukrainian to the list. If you’re fluent in any of the languages that are no longer supported and want to help translate, we encourage you to head to and join the efforts to bring FoxMMM to a wider audience.


We’ve also made some improvements to our themes, ensuring that the transparent theme works on most devices. We’ve updated our dependencies and optimized for speed to make sure that the app runs smoothly. F-Droid users will be pleased to know that builds of FoxMMM should no longer crash, and if any crashes do occur, the app will prompt for user feedback to help us identify and fix any issues.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Androidacy and all of our translators and contributors for their hard work on this update. Without their dedication and efforts, FoxMMM wouldn’t be the powerful and user-friendly app that it is today.

If you’re ready to try out all the new features in FoxMMM 1.1.0 to help you install magisk modules, head to to download the latest release.

Before you go, we also want to give a brief reminder that Fox2Code has stepped back temporarily to focus on his health, but we hope to have him back with us soon.

So why wait? If you’re looking for the best module manager to install magisk modules, give FoxMMM 1.1.0 a try today! We’re confident that you’ll love all the updates and improvements we’ve made.

New Features in FoxMMM 1.1.0
  • Full screen setup wizard with theme choosing
  • Ability to open zip files directly from other apps
  • Improved themes and compatibility with more devices
  • Added Spanish and Ukrainian to supported languages
  • Optimized for speed and updated dependencies
  • F-Droid builds no longer crash and offer user feedback on crashes
Thank You
  • Androidacy
  • Translators and contributors
  • Fox2Code (taking a break for health, but will be back soon)

(x86) (Android 6.0+)
Latest: 1.1.0 on December 28, 2022
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Fox's Magisk Module Manager 1.1.0


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