Snap Swipe Drawer is a drawer for your widgets and shortcuts, similar to the notifications drawer.
Give a boost to your productivity and access widgets from any app without having to go to your launcher. Keep your home screen clean.

- Access widgets and shortcuts from anywhere!;
- Backlist feature;
- Material design;
- Small, fast & easy to use;

“I like using Snap not only to make essential widgets easily accessible, but also to reduce clutter on my home screen” - THE NEXT WEB
“Snap is an app that solves the widget problem” - ANDROID AUTHORITY
“Snap makes your Android widgets reachable from any app” - ENGADGET
“Snap Adds A Pull-Down Widget Screen That's Accessible From Anywhere” - ANDROID POLICE
“Snap is a simple yet smart little productivity app” - LIFEHACKER UK
“Access Your Widgets In A Unique Way” - ANDROID HEADLINES

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All versions
Snap Swipe Drawer 1.5.8
November 29, 2017


Uploaded:November 29, 2017 at 5:17PM UTC

File size:6.29 MB


Snap Swipe Drawer 1.4c
January 19, 2017


Uploaded:January 19, 2017 at 5:30AM UTC

File size:2.34 MB