Simple free version of my popular Franco Kernel Manager & Updater. It requires ROOT to auto-flash the Kernels.

Franco Kernel Updater Free feature is only available for the following devices:
✨ Galaxy Nexus
✨ Nexus 4
✨ Nexus 5
✨ Nexus 5X
✨ Nexus 6
✨ Nexus 6P
✨ Nexus 7 2012
✨ Nexus 7 2013
✨ Nexus 10
✨ One Plus One
✨ One Plus 3
✨ One Plus 3T

Supports Android from JellyBean (4.1) up to Nougat (7.1.+).

The full version is available here: and it has lots and lots of features.

From version Franco Kernel Updater Free 2.2.10:

Fixed the UI layout! I kinda made it non-functional with the latest release by requiring a scroll to check the current Kernel version/auto-flash one. The colors were kinda off too, I never really liked the magenta as accent or the big ass App Bar with the app title. Way more cohese now. Thanks for the user who called me out in the app reviews about the non-functional layout!

All versions
Franco Kernel Updater Free 2.2.10


Uploaded:March 14, 2017 at 6:49PM UTC

File size:2.04 MB


Franco Kernel Updater Free 2.1.8


Uploaded:March 3, 2017 at 4:27AM UTC

File size:1.93 MB


Franco Kernel Updater Free 12


Uploaded:July 17, 2016 at 12:40AM UTC

File size:1.7 MB