What's new in Termux:Float

From version Termux:Float (f-droid version) 0.15.0:


  • Add support for ~/.termux/termux.float.properties which supports the following properties: enforce-char-based-inputctrl-space-workaroundbell-characterterminal-cursor-styleterminal-transcript-rowsback-keydefault-working-directoryvolume-keys. Check termux/termux-float#Terminal-and-App-Settings for more info. (90f908d0)
  • Add support for ~/.termux/color.properties and ~/.termux/font.ttf to set colors and font. (90f908d0)
  • Add support for bell. (90f908d0)
  • Added support for floating chat head bubble. Implemented by @dkramer95 in #35. (17a76b2d)
  • Automatically attach debug APKs when a release is created. (529268a1)


  • Use termux-shared
    • All hardcoded com.termux constants have been removed and will be handled by TermuxConstants and TermuxPreferenceConstants.
    • Fixed issue with losing reference to TermuxFloatView in TermuxFloatService and destroying view not working.
    • Removed unnecessary toasts and fixed custom broken ones by using the one provided by Logger class.
    • Updated TerminalView and TerminalSession to latest versions and removed duplicated TerminalSession code based on old TermuxService and start using TermuxSession which will also have consistent shell environment as termux-app.
    • Removed SharedPrefernces management and use the one in termux-shared provided by TermuxFloatAppSharedPreferences.
    • Use action constants defined in TermuxConstants for TermuxFloatService.
    • Use notification constants defined in TermuxConstants for TermuxFloatService.
    • Use KeyboardUtils for showing and hiding keyboard.
    • Implement logging system based on Logger class. Log levels can be changed in termux-app settings but require restarting termux-float for changes to take effect since both apps run in different processes.
    • Fixed potential IllegalArgumentException when adding and removing TermuxFloatView to WindowManager.
    • Added crash handler so that crash notifications can be shown in termux-app at startup.


  • Move to semantic versioning for app version and add commit hash and github to APK file names and add support for TERMUX_FLOAT_APP_VERSION_NAME and TERMUX_FLOAT_APK_VERSION_TAG environmental variable in app/build.gradle. The RELEASE_TAG variable will not be used anymore since it may conflict with possibly other variables used by users. (6950e8be)
  • Disable shrinkResources and obfuscation for testing reproducible builds and maintaining stacktraces of crashes. (c04d1266)
  • Update LICENSE.md. (9a49bfce)


  • Fix float button default size and outline. (648dbffbf7c212a5c83cddaf)
  • Fixed termux session being recreated on showing from notification. (90f908d0)
  • Added exit button to notification. (90f908d0)
  • Increased notification priority so its easier to show/hide/exit. (90f908d0)
  • Ensure session is killed on exit like TermuxService does it. (90f908d0)

About Termux:Float

The Termux:Float add-on provides a floating terminal, allowing direct terminal access while running other apps.

NOTE: This is an add-on which requires that the main Termux app is installed to use.

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