With this plugin you can make GUI applications in Termux without using VNC or a X11 server.
This plugin uses the native Android GUI components to display everything.
That means it seamlessly integrates into the Android experience, but standard applications written for X11 don't work.
Also it requires a minimum of knowledge of how the Android GUI works.
See the README for a crash course.

* Display content in a task with its own back stack
* Display custom dialogs
* If you want you can also display on the lockscreen
* Create your own homescreen widgets
* Use picture-in-picture mode
* Get events from the UI and change the content on-the-fly
* Draw to a buffer on the screen directly

Using the plugin:

There are also prepackaged programs you can use.

There are currently only Python bindings, but the protocol used is fully documented.
Implementing the protocol only requires the ability to use unix sockets, JSON handling and reading and writing 4 byte big endian integers.
The python bindings should provide further clarification in case the protocol didn't specify something.
The python bindings also have a tutorial.

Example code is provided in examples/code, but it's not commented and more used for testing features.

From version Termux:GUI (f-droid version) 0.1.4:

Added screen on/off events
Added events for airplane mode, locale, timezone and configuration changes
Added requestFocus to focus an EditText and display the soft keyboard
Added HorizontalScrollView
Added item snapping for HorizontalScrollView and NestedScrollView
Added a settings screen
Added a method to turn the screen on
Added a method to request the user to unlock the screen
Added TabLayout

All versions
Termux:GUI (f-droid version) 0.1.4


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