Free-to-air TV wherever you may be.

Freeview FV delivers live streaming from 19 free-to-air channels and catch-up content to enjoy on the go.

Freeview FV delivers all these great features:
- Live streaming from all the free-to-air networks
- Access to all catch-up TV
- Browse and search all free-to-air programs
- A free-to-air TV guide
- Favourites and reminders functions
- Recommendations

Simple and easy to use, Freeview FV gives you more choice and convenience in one place - on the go.
From version Freeview FV 1.3.7:
Our team is working hard to make your Freeview FV experience as reliable as possible. This releases improves stability to ensure uninterrupted viewing enjoyment. Got feedback, questions or issues? Email [email protected]
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May 18, 2017