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This is a big update bringing a lot of improvements.

Some changes:
- New layout in main screen
- The DNS speed test now more accurately shows the latency
- Increased performance of DoH queries
- Added better formatting of numbers in DNS rules
- Added a dialog to the DNS rules to check whether a host is listed somewhere
- Added a filter to the query log
- Added a setting to export all settings

And more.

When navigating to a website known by it's name, say, your device ask specific servers - DNS servers - how to address the website. DNS is an old protocol which, except for smaller changes, hasn't been touched since its creation in 1987. Naturally the Internet changed a lot in this time, rendering the protocol outdated in some of its core aspects.

This app tackles one of the bigger problems with DNS: Encryption.
Whilst nearly all traffic on the Internet is encrypted now, DNS requests (i.e. questions for a names address) and the response aren't. This enables attackers to intercept, read and modify your requests.

Nebulo is a DNS changer which implements DNS-over-HTTPs and DNS-over-TLS to safely send your DNS requests to the target server. This way only you and the DNS server are able to read the requests you are sending.

Core features:
- Configure the app once and then forget about it. After initial configuration it works fully autonomous
- No ads and no tracking
- Custom servers can be used
- Low battery consumption

This app is open source. The source code can be accessed from within the app.


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January 10, 2021
Android 5.0+
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