Immerse yourself in the MMO real-time strategy (RTS) war game that March of Empires will take you on! Build a mighty kingdom! Forge an unbreakable army! And conquer the empire!

Choose a legendary army and prepare your strategy!

On your quest, choose to build your medieval empire with any of the great warring factions -- Shogun, highland King, northern Tsar and desert Sultan. Each army grants you a special war zone advantage that you can use to craft your battle strategy.

Build a mighty kingdom for the MMO battle!

Develop an impenetrable castle with deadly defences. Produce bountiful resources for your kingdom. Grow a devastating army that strikes fear in your opponents and nourish a thriving civilization!

Progress your Champion!

Your army will need a fearless leader to lead them into battle. Choose a great Champion that fits your battle strategy, ranging from merciless Vikings to legendary samurai, to rally your army against your enemies. Find and craft powerful equipment to boost your Champion’s skills to defeat your opponents in the war zone.

Forge an unbreakable alliance between factions!

To be victorious in your imperial battle quest, you must seek a strong alliance that can withstand the perilous threats of medieval war. Strategically teaming up with other players will help you progress your civilization and navigate the risk of war against a stronger, united enemy.

Explore an open world in real-time war!

Your civilization comes to life in an MMO open world map that's constantly expanding. Unify your strategy with your alliance to conquer strategic new territories and avoid the risk of losing those under your control. Time your commands wisely, and be prepared for the ever-changing seasons and the risks and opportunities they bring.

Capture the Seats of Power!

Build a powerful civilization in an RTS open world, with regional structures that you and your allies can benefit from. Five castles hold the crucial thrones that will grant you influence over the entire realm and the ability to propose world-changing policies. But only one alliance may control any one Seat of Power. Capture and use them wisely to impose your strategy on your enemies or risk paying the price.

Become Emperor!

At the centre of it all lies the Throne of Might -- your ultimate battle! Only one player may rule over the entire civilization. Fight your way on the map to the Throne of Might to become Emperor and reign over the entire realm!
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From version March of Empires: War Zone RTS 7.5.0j:

Update 65
- Rajput invaders have taken over World Encounters, granting powerful resources upon defeat.
- An exciting new March Trait animal, Recon Falcon, joins the growing Menagerie.
- "Claim All" icon added to the Quests menu, enabling players to quickly claim rewards.
- Comprehensive Warpath flow and Stamina improvements
- Camps now display players’ remaining Guardian's Pass duration for quick decision-making.
- Battle Reports extended to include Hero Experience gained in previous battle.

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