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Our LFG app has been refined for over 6 years to find you quality friends and teammates to chat and play together. GamerLink supports over 300 games across every major platform. Meet gaming friends and find teammates to play together on all major platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch and Mobile.

Need someone to play with? Find game friends who have a mic and strategize with your teammates and new gaming friends to make winning much easier! Especially helpful for team-based games such as Destiny, Apex Legends, or Call of Duty, which can give you and your gamer friends a competitive edge against the other teams.

GamerLink is built by gamers, so we understand the importance to squad up or team up with your new gaming friends to chat and play some games. We are constantly improving the LFG app to ensure gamers are getting only the best LFG gamer experience and always have someone to play with. Your new game friends are waiting in the GamerLink LFG gaming network!

Join the original LFG gamer community app today, find teammates, start connecting with gamer friends, and chat with gamers! There is always someone to play with in the community and across the gaming network. You'll never need someone to game with again :)

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Special shoutout to all the OGs and those who have been providing feedback to help us refine the GamerLink LFG platform to what it is today <3

GamerLink is a growing gaming network to meet gaming friends and squad up. We support your favorite LFG games to team up with and play together:
- Destiny
- Apex Legends
- Call of Duty
- and 300 more games, download to check it out!

When you get a new game and need someone to play with - GamerLink is always right there to provide you with gamer friends. So squad up, find teammates, and find gaming friends today!

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From version GamerLink LFG: Teams & Friends 5.0.22:

Bug fixes and improvements, with support for over 450+ games!

Please keep sending in your feedback to and we will be constantly updating the app with more fixes and improvements along the way!

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