The Garmin Impact™ app interfaces with the Impact™ bat swing sensor and allows you to:

- View five swing metrics in real time after each swing
- Replay animated, color-coded, 3-D representations of your swings
- Receive detailed coaching tips and drills developed in collaboration with professional hitting coaches
- Customize profiles for multiple players and different bats
- Compare your performance to previous swings and to ideal numbers based on age, sport (baseball or softball), and skill level
- Backup and sync bat, batter and swing data across mobile devices to your Garmin account

Simply connect your device, set up a profile, and you are ready to swing. The app shows more in-depth swing data than what is available on the Impact sensor. It gives coaches and players a much better understanding of individual swing dynamics, so players can improve their hitting faster.

After every swing, you can instantly see key swing metrics, including bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, elevation angle and attack angle on the connected device. After every three swings, coaching tips and drills — developed by professional hitting coaches and tailored to your player profile — are offered to help you make adjustments and improve your swing.

While the batter remains in position at the plate, someone outside the batting area can analyze the information provided and recommend swing adjustments. The app shows an animated 3-D graphical representation of the bat path and provides information about the bat speed throughout the swing by using green (slow) to red (fast) color coding. This allows hitters and coaches to review each swing from any angle and analyze the metrics to help improve the player’s swing.

The app also allows you to capture video of swings taken with a smartphone or tablet, which coaches and players can then analyze along with the hitter’s swing metrics. This helps hitters visualize and understand how their swings and the swing metrics match up.

Coaches can organize swing data with the Impact app for multiple players by creating profiles for each player that include age, baseball or softball and skill level, and then the app will determine swing metrics for comparison. The coach can create an avatar for each player with uniform name, number, color, even bat type and length.

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From version Garmin Impact™ 1.7.0:

Updates to support Android 11 devices

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