When paired with a compatible Garmin Varia device¹, the Varia app has the tools you need to ride with confidence. Using the Varia app, you can:

- Be alerted right on your phone when approaching vehicles are within 140 meters behind your bicycle.
- View color-coded alerts based on surrounding traffic: Green means you’re all clear, yellow means a vehicle is approaching, and red means a vehicle is coming at you quickly and you should take caution.
- Receive tone and vibration alerts for approaching vehicles even when you’re not looking at your phone.

With a compatible Garmin Varia Rearview Radar Camera, you can also:

- Set the camera in the best position for capturing videos and photos.
- Record videos or take photos while riding with a simple button press on your phone.
- Automatically record videos of incidents and save the video footage with the Incident Recording feature.

By adding the Varia eRTL615 Rearview Radar Tail Light, you can:
- Configure and edit light mode configurations for your tail light.

Easy to Use
Pairing your Garmin Varia device with the app is quick and easy. Once you set it up, the Varia app will automatically recognize your device.

Even if you already have a Varia device paired with a compatible Garmin device or head unit, the Varia app provides additional awareness and peace of mind while riding.

¹ Compatible devices are the Varia RVR315 Rearview Radar, Varia RTL515 Radar Tail Light, Varia RCT715 Rearview Radar Camera and Varia eRTL615 Rearview Radar Tail Light.

From version Varia™ 3.0.1:

This version of the app adds features and support for the Varia eRTL615 rearview radar tail light, including the ability to configure and edit light modes.

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