- now automatically opens and closes when AirPods are being (dis)connected
- support for the BeatsX
- much more battery friendly
The notification now updates between the set time and 30 minutes after the last update.
Without it the phone couldn't go into deep sleep and so save a lot of energy.
- more fluent and responsive GUI
- other bug fixes

This app displays the current battery state of your Apple AirPods or your BeatsX.

You can open the app to see the charge of your AirPods / BeatsX or just use the notification (pro) if you just want to have a quick look.

The battery status is displayed with an interval size of 10% (Full | 95% | 85% ...).
The AirPods and BeatsX only send their battery status to Android devices in 10% increments.
The AirPods case don't have a Bluetooth transmitter. Therefore, the battery level of the case is only displayed when at least one AirPod is inserted in the case.

▶︎ small popup to show current battery status of your AirPods / BeatsX
▶︎ self updating notification (pro)
▶︎ the notification icon in status bar shows the charge of the lowest pod
▶︎ automatically open when AirPods / BeatsX are connected to the phone
▶︎ see charge of Apple AirPods and BeatsX

Features to come in the next updates:
+ only display nearest AirPods
+ in ear detection
+ more Beats devices. Write me an E-Mail, when you own one of the following:
– Beats Studio 3 Wireless
– Beats Solo 3 Wireless
– Powerbeats 3

The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface. The API for Bluetooth LE only works with Location Permission, because the beacons for indoor navigation also uses Bluetooth LE.

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February 21, 2018
Android 5.0+
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