Not just another notification manager!

Notifix uses app type and processes notification content using machine learning to automatically group notifications into their respective categories - not just based on the app's name.

You can later check those grouped notifications without losing content and the link that the notification carries.

It is powered by TensorFlow™ and is continuously being developed. Feel free to pour in your suggestions!

App permissions explained:

Notification access: To read incoming notifications and categorize them.

Usage access: To see last used application and clear old notifications.

Contacts: To skip processing SMS if the sender is in contacts.

Phone: To find the default dialer and skip processing its notification.

SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW (Draw over other apps) permission to detect the swipe-down gesture.

From version Notifix - Content Aware Notification Management! 1.5:

* Revamped Notifications list UI with category tabs!
* Swipe-down gesture from top right corner (below clock) to directly open notifications list (Uses SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission).
* Option to disable Notifix grouping for system apps.
* Smaller apk size & faster.
* Removed Google sign-in.

Latest: 1.5 on August 16, 2018
Latest: 0.995 on April 18, 2018
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