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The giffgaff mobile app lets you manage your giffgaff account with the tap of your phone. You can check your data use on the go and connect to literally thousands of WiFi hotspots all across the UK with WiFI Extra. But that's just the start of what the app can do. It's a bitesize wonder.

- Check how much data you have left
- Buy or recur a plan
- Keep an eye on when your plan expires
- Add credit or turn on auto top up
- Pay with a saved card or PayPal
- Redeem a voucher
- Access the community
- Add multiple giffgaff accounts
- Access thousands of WiFi hotspots across the UK with WiFi Extra

You'll need your giffgaff member name and password to log in. If you're new to giffgaff, order your free SIM card now:

From version giffgaff 8.18.7:


We've replaced the locks and the doorbell. But your old key will still work just as well as it always has. In short, we updated login and registration.

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