Fun, addictive, challenging, online trivia, that has the best of two worlds.

Sure, you’ve played trivia before. But, have you played a trivia where you can post about your interests on your favorite topic, make your own quiz and connect with millions of users who share your interest, worldwide?

Join millions of players in a brain teaser that combines social network and trivia- QuizUp!
Learn, grow and have fun challenging friends and players online on interests you’re best at.

What’s more? Play and earn badges that prove you’re the best in the world at your favorite topic

Play online while challenging friends or random opponents from around the world in a wide variety of topics ranging from general knowledge, logos, sports, Harry Potter, Disney, action movies, internet, video games and much more, for a nail-biting, quick, real-time match of trivia.
Climb global ranks and claim fortunes and new title for every topic.

Topic Communities
Participate in a vibrant and engaging community with thousands of topics to choose from and new updates every week. Discover new interests along the way and make your own Quiz too!
Each quiz topic is set within a category where you can play, post, boast and interact with people who share your interests. Add to that our online tournaments!

Why you will get addicted:
• Thousands of topics to choose from.
• Millions of players to play with.
• Boasting rights to being the best from the rest. (You sweet snowflake!)
• Meet & compete with new people.
• The number of Memes.
• Tournaments Everyday! Prove your mettle.
• Topic Community.
• Sudden increase in topics you can talk about. (Yasss! Ice-breaking skills.)

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From version QuizUp 4.1.4:

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

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QuizUp 4.1.4
July 8, 2020


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QuizUp 4.1.3
April 27, 2020


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QuizUp 4.1.2
March 4, 2020


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QuizUp 4.1.1
December 12, 2019


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QuizUp 4.1.0
December 6, 2019


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QuizUp 4.0.9
October 18, 2019


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QuizUp 4.0.8
August 23, 2019


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July 12, 2019


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QuizUp 4.0.5
June 20, 2019


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QuizUp 4.0.4
April 8, 2019


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