Tired of boring wallpaper, icons or themes entirely?
The Application Themes for Huawei will help you get rid of this problem.
Just go to the application, select the favorite theme for your Huawei or Honor device and install.

And also with the help of the theme for Huawei you can:
✔ Download desktop wallpaper
✔ Install fonts
✔ Convert icons to work with EMUI
✔ Save favorite themes in your personal profile
✔ Share your themes with other people
From version Themes for Huawei & Honor 11.6:
Good evening.
Added a download progress display, added a file manager to select fonts, themes and images, well, so for the test, what else, the speed on the server increased, otherwise the themes were downloaded for a long time, the icon converter was fixed, now the icons apply to all applications and not like in the last update, and so on trifles, improvements, corrections.
All versions
February 27, 2019
February 20, 2019