Call Defender, a FREE spam call blocking app that has protected millions of users against malicious spam calls.

“BLOCKING”: Just turn on "Spam Database" and enjoy a life free of spam, no additional charges needed! The database is provided by HKJunkCall.

“CALLER IDENTIFICATION”: Enjoy real-time caller identification! Call Defender shows the name of public or private organizations when they are calling you. Call Defender can identify over 500 thousand HK phone numbers which include hospitals, educational institutions and so on. You may want to pick up a call from the hospital even if you are in the middle of a important meeting, right? The data comes from HKJunkCall Whitelist, community, Internet, websites and number owners. We DONT upload the contact books of users.

“REALTIME DATABASE”: The system checks the database every 10 minutes, and updates to the device when there is a new spam number, effectively eliminating all spam calls that frequently harass people.

Call Defender provides the simplest way to block unwanted calls and protect your privacy with ease. Call defender also lets you know who is calling using our comprehensive global database with over 700 million numbers.

【 Product Features】
► Block Spam Calls automatically.
► Identify Unknown Calls
► Advance settings for customizing block calls.
► Search spam number database.
► Provide Daily Call Report for any blocked/missed calls.
► Anti-fraud Information Center, providing education messages about fraud to user.

• To make sure Call Defender works properly, please load the app at least once after installation.
• The point-rewards system will be deprecated.
• If you are using optimization software, make sure to put Call Defender as a trusted app.
• Network connection is required for database download or caller ID feature
• Devices using unofficial Android framework may have compatibility issues.

Privacy Policy:

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