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• Use Android Pay by adding a card from any participating bank (see below).
• Keep your information safe. With Android Pay, your actual card number is never shared. Instead, a virtual account number is used so that your card details are always kept safe.
• Android Pay is available on all non-rooted Android devices (KitKat 4.4+).
• Still have questions? Learn more at

• Android Pay works with cards from most banks:
• Android Pay works in these stores & apps:

From version Android Pay 1.36.177845727:

• You can now pay with a card other than your default. Just open the app and tap on the card right before you pay.
• Bug fixes and improvements.

(arm) (nodpi)
Latest: 1.0.102576552 on September 10, 2015
(x86) (480dpi)
Latest: 1.1.106511521 on November 12, 2015
(x86) (nodpi)
Latest: 1.14.146294018 on February 7, 2017
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