Cameos on Google lets you be the authority on you. Record video answers to the most asked questions on Google and then post them right to Google. Now, when people search for you, they’ll get answers directly from you.

ANSWER IN YOUR OWN STYLE: Amplify your presence on Google with videos in your own authentic voice.

AT YOUR LEISURE: See top questions the Internet wants answers to, and you choose which ones you want to answer and when. All you need is your phone.

STAY RELEVANT AND FRESH: Get new questions regularly to help your content stay recent and timely. Your answers get posted directly to Google and your fans will see it when they search for you or scroll through their feed in the Google app.

Cameos on Google is currently available by application only. Interested? Download the app to request access.

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Google Cameos comes to Android to give celebrities a new way to respond to fans


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