The Cloud Console enables you to manage your solution running on the Google Cloud Platform directly from your Android phone or tablet:

* Check the state of your resources
* Create your own custom dashboard to get a glanceable overview of your solution
* Take quick actions directly from your device such as stopping a virtual machine
* View logs, errors and latency profiles to make troubleshooting application and resource issues easier on the go.
* Opt-in to receive push notifications when a new error occurs in your Google Cloud services.
* View billing accounts associated with the user.
* View and manage Incidents tracked in Google Stackdriver
* View and edit project level permissions

We plan on shipping new features regularly. Please give us your feedback in the app by swiping from the left, tapping "Help & feedback", and then tapping "Send feedback".
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Added support for App Engine traffic splitting.
(Android 4.4+)
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