What's new in Google On

• Home control and Philips Hue lights: Set up control of your Phillips Hue lights in the app, then anyone connected to OnHub can enter "On.Here" into a browser and see the devices you’ve made available. Philips Hue is the first connected home device that can be accessed and controlled directly from On.Here. No need to clutter your mobile device with any extra apps.
• Network check: The Internet and Wi-Fi speed tests have a brand new look. Results are helpful and easy to understand.

From version Google On jetstream-BV10064_RC0025:

About Google On

Google On is the companion app for OnHub, a router for the new way to Wi-Fi.

The Google On app lets you set up and control your OnHub right from your mobile device. It guides you through setup, provides tools to help you monitor and manage your connection, and if there’s ever an issue with your Wi-Fi, it offers simple solutions to help.

Here’s what you can do with the Google On app:
• Set up your OnHub in just a few minutes
• Prioritize a device to make sure it has the fastest Wi-Fi speed for the activities that matter most
• Set up a separate network just for your guests
• Learn how to improve your Wi-Fi connection if there’s a slowdown
• Run a network check to test your connection speed
• Easily share your network name and password to friends & family
• Make changes to your settings, such as your network name or password
• Remotely provide or receive help from friends and family

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